What is Usher?

Usher is a Partnerships Platform for Web3.
Usher enables Web3 projects/brands to manage and fund partnership programs that people from across the world can engage with to earn Cryptocurrency.
Usher makes it simple for a Brand to manage a Partner network and reward partners for their efforts in supporting the growth of the Brand's services.
Usher uses different mechanisms for collecting conversion events to ensure that partners are aware of their performance and their claimable rewards.
These mechanisms include:
  • Web App Conversion Tracking through UsherJS​
    For dApps and other Web Applications
  • (Coming Soon) Conversion Tracking via Blockchain Transaction Event to Originating Wallet Correlation
    For Protocols and other Web3 Infrastructure
If you are new to Usher or partnerships, this is a short overview video that introduces you to Usher and the core concepts within Usher: