How Smart Contracts are used

Conversions are events that determine when a referred user has become a customer/user of the Project running the Partner Program. Conversion events can trigger off the back of Smart Contract and Web events.
Rewards can be claimed by Partners based on the number of conversions they're responsible for. ie. If a Partner refers 100 swaps for a DeFi Protocol, and each each conversion is worth 0.001 ETH, they can claim 0.1ETH.
The size of rewards, the token that Partners are rewarded in and other Campaign Terms & Conditions are configured by the Brand upon Campaign creation.
Campaign Terms & Conditions are stored immutably on Arweave to ensure that no participant can jeopardise Partners' efforts to support a Brand's Campaign.
The outcome is performance-based partnerships where:
  • 💰 Partners are rewarded proportional to their efforts
  • 🤝 The engagement is trustless and (optionally) permissionless
  • 👨🏽‍💻 Partners can self-onboard and manage their partnerships through Usher's dedicated UI​
  • 📈 Partners can support the growth of the Brand
  • 💪 Brands can continue to focus on their best work.